KnowledgeZen Technology Consulting

Project consultancy,software design & development, and training provided in areas of Software architecture; Data structures, Algorithm Research, Design & development; Software implementation, testing, debugging, deployment, support.

Domain and Horizontals: Digital Signal Processing(Audio/Video processing), Multimedia (Image, Video) codecs and systems, Image Sensor Pipelines, Networked(WiFi/Bluetooth) Audio products, Low latency financial trading systems, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Multi-threaded/Multi-core programming, Network(Socket) programming, Embedded and Enterprise Software development.

Programming Languages:C, C++, Matlab/Octave, Assembly languages(DSP,RISC,CISC), PERL, Python, HTML, Javascript.
Hardware architectures:Intel X86/X64, ARM, DSPs, Microcontrollers.
Operating Systems:Windows, Linux, Mac-OS

Product Prototyping and Implementation: We can generate technology ideas for helping launch and drive business in today\'s knowledge based economy and help you convert it to a successful working venture. We can implement a software or software-hardware prototype as proof of concept, optimize it, and together we can design, develop implementation of the idea to get a working solution which can be deployed in real life. Today data on any topic is easily available to all, but information which is making sense of the data, and using it for your benefit is difficult. We can help you in first getting the data related to any idea, understand the theory and concepts behind it, and get a good practical understanding so as to get a working implementation of that idea.

Training and Learning: Will provide in depth guidance and hands-on lessons, code snippets with explanation to help in study and understanding programming concepts, preparation for Software Programming interviews, coding tests, programming puzzles & competitions.

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